Sunday , February 18 2018
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Join the As Seen On TV Marketing Ltd. Affiliate Program and make money introducing your online visitors to the most popular As Seen On TV Products

About Our Program
The As Seen On TV Marketing Ltd. affiliate program let’s you earn commissions simply
by posting links/banners on your web site or blog. You can also place links in your newsletter or as part of your banner network. Those links introduce your visitors and friends to our selection of the hottest trending As Seen On TV products in every category.

Every time someone clicks on one of your links and purchases a product at our site you get paid a percentage of the sale – $$$. That’s all there is to it!

How the Program works
You provide traffic and earn commission and/or discounts for your visitors or audience. You get to take advantage of one of the best online marketers in the As Seen On TV products market category. There is no charge to join

You Don’t Even Have To Have A Web Site
But you do need a way to drive traffic to us online. So you could be an email marketer, run a banner network or edit an on online newsletter

How Orders Are Tracked And You Get Paid
Once an order is submitted by a customer, approved and processed you will get paid 30 days after the end of each month.

Here Is How to Join
Read our affiliate agreement and approve the terms and conditions. Then complete and submit the online application form. Once you have been accepted and have set up your links you begin earning commissions right away. into the program you can begin setting up links and earning commissions immediately! Join right Here.

Support, Questions and Technical Help
Once you are approved we will work with you all the way, answering questions, providing tech support if needed, sales support – in short doing everything to maximize how much money you make with us.

Approval Requirements
Email marketers, web site owners, newsletter publishers and banner ad network companies are encouraged to apply to our program. However, we do need to look at and evaluate your website/business to ensure whether in our opinion, it is suitable for our program.

Sites/businesses we will not approve include: those with pornographic/adult content, racist content, extreme religious, political or hate content or anything else that we deem unsuitable for our program.

For those with outbound email or newsletters to a subscriber base you must have built the list ethically, use double-opt in emails and be using a third party that has sufficient anti-spam standards and enforcement mechanisms.

We reserve the right to decline applications for any reason. .

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