Thursday , January 18 2018
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Product Description

The safe and easy way to unclog any drain or pipe….instantly and without any harmful chemicals. Amazing PATENTED Flex-Clean System the flexible wires hold onto debris while water easily passes through it unclogging even the toughest drains and pipes. Don’t wait for a clogged drain! Buy yours now and be prepared. You’ll be glad you did!!

With Drain Sweep, you’ll never have to call a Plummer again!! Amazing Flex-Clean System, clears hair and debris from slow moving drains without dangerous chemicals. Just slip the 4′ flexible tubing down the drain, squeeze the trigger and the obstruction is gone forever. The fast, safe and easy way to obliterate clog drains and pipes without calling the services of an expensive Plummer. So unique, it’s PATENTED!!!Material ABS and MetalFlexible wires holt onto debris while water easily passes throughUnclog pipes & Drains Fast, Safe & EasyYellow handle with trigger4 foot flexible tubingProfessional System