DirtTrapper - Doormat that STOPS DIRT at the door!

DirtTrapper - Doormat that STOPS DIRT at the door!

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The Dirttrapper’s natural absorbent material has the unique ability to absorb wet and dry dirt from shoes, paws, wheels or just about anything that comes through the door. It leaves water, dirt and moisture at the doorstep, protecting your home and keeping it clean and dry!

It’s machine washable, you can throw it in the dryer and it will save you endless hours of mopping and cleaning. It’s low, low profile also means it will fit under just about any door.

With the Dirttrapper mat, you will never have to worry about muddy footprints again!


✔️100% Cotton

✔️Machine Washable & Dry-able

✔️Non-slip Heavy Duty Rubber Backing (not PVC)

✔️Low Profile - Fits under most doors

✔️Non Allergic

✔️Virtually Indestructible

✔️Eliminates Mud, Water, Oil and Dirt from Feet, Wheels and Paws